Delmart Vreeland, the man who knew too much about the 9/11 attacks

Thursday 11 December 2008

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Published on November, 20th, 2008. translated from French.

Delmart Vreeland, a US Navy former lieutenant, spied on behalf of NSI [Naval Service of Intelligence] and asserts that the United States and many other governments had early knowledge of events set for September, 11th, 2001. Since August 2001, he sent a letter to Canadian authorities in which he gave indications about the attacks.

How could this man precisely describe the 9/11 events from his Canadian jail, more than one month before they occur? Let’s decode this sheet note.

1. 9/11 attacks targets

Annotations :
Navy Pier
Sears Tower ? Chicago
World Trade Center
White House
Pentagon ?
World Bank Malasia
Water supplies
Scotia Building Toronto
Parliament Bldg Ottawa
Royal Bank Toronto or Montreal

The targets mentioned are situated in Canada and in the United States. Why these two countries?

NORAD’s agreements, North American Cooperation for radar observation to provide aerial defense, had to be renewed in May 2001. Canadians knew that the USA were developing an anti-missile shield system in violation of ABM treaty concluded in 1972 between the US and the former Soviet Union.

9/11 has given an excuse to break open the lock of this treaty, justifying a major attack on US territory. This clause of article 14 within the ABM’s 1972 treaty has permitted America to remilitarize the space and to unblock budgets for the Pentagon. By 2000, the Project for a New American Century’s manifesto called “Rebuilding American’s Defenses” warned the nation of a danger equivalent to a “Spatial Pearl Harbour”. The prophecy became truth on September 11th 2001, coinciding with its range of simulated war games which indeed was similar in every aspect to the real attacks that occurred.

In 2004, the Kean-Hamilton inquiry commission has declared that the New York and Washington attacks were the result of NORAD’s failure. This alleged failure provided to the United States a justification for developing a more efficient defense system, the anti-missile shield, whereas the rest of the planet is always under 1972 treaty. The American’s hegemony could start with space domination.

2. NORAD is a component of the anti-missile shield

The United States are the main ally and partner in Canada’s defense. Longstanding relationships between these two countries, about defense and security, are strong and profitable. The current relationship relies upon more than 80 defense agreements referenced as treaty values, more than 250 protocols of agreements between the two Defence Departments, and over 145 bilateral platforms where defense issues are discussed. The most important bilateral military organisation is the North American Command of Aerospace Defense (NORAD).

Created in 1958, the NORAD sustained many changes due to the evolution of the threat which hangs over North America. NORAD renewal of the 8th treaty of March 1996 redefined the mission of the organisation relatively to the aerospace alert and control. The last NORAD treaty renewal, for a five years period, is dated from May 2001. During the May 1996 renewal NORAD treaty, a maritime alert mission has been added to missions already existing. Moreover, in December 2002, Canada and the United States agreed upon the creation of a binational planning group, settled in NORAD, in order to improve the bilateral cooperation and the planning of naval and terrestrial/civilian aspects supporting the security of the territory. This agreement was concluded for a two years period, after which the two governments had to decide if they renewed it, modified it or ended it.

Without Canada’s support, the United States could not develop a new surveillance of the North American aerial space. Involving Canada as a target of terrorism would have supported PNAC Neoconservative Americans war plans.

3. Russia’s role

Annotations :

KGB – Oleg (kalougine)
C/R - Coo agreement 96 - 97
Bilateral arms/techno - exchange U.S.

Lieutenant Vreeland’s mission was to spy the plans of the future Russian killer satellite Terminator. Russia and China are the only two countries which can compete against the american anti-missile shield. Canada being geographically closer to Russia, has to be the first surrounding base of the anti missile shield. Canadians, via the CSIS center of counter spying, should have got the plans of Russians satellites. Marc Bastien, Canadian secret agent, was in Moscow to meet and see Vreeland and to use as support the channel of Russians oligarch opposed to Putine’s government.

The annotation “KGB – Oleg (kalougine)” referred to one of these opponents. Ten months later, in June 2002, former KGB’s general-major Oleg Kalouguine, former director of the Direction “K” of the “Pé-Gué-Ou” (foreign counter spying), political refugee living in the USA, was condemned in absentia to 15 years of prison for the disclosure of State secrecy. The instruction, the lawsuit and the sentence were passed over with a complete secrecy. What we blamed on him was the publication in the United States of the book “The First Directorate” which would have enabled the FBI to condemn the Soviet spy Trofimoff.

Vreeland surrendered himself to the Canadians authorities in December 2000 in order to give his secret information, knowing that his life was in danger. Moreover, he should have warned his country of the imminence of the 9/11 attacks.

4. The foreknowledge of the attacks.

Annotation :

Agreed War let one happen stop the rest!!!

In January 2001, France warned the United States of the imminence of an attack on the American territory. The report was from the DGSE. Besides DGSE, many secret services warned Bush’s Government. The United States President had personally received in his hands a CIA’s report confirming the attacks threat. Why didn’t he take these warnings into account?

Vreeland’s memo was written one month before the 9/11 attacks. Let’s investigate the following sentence: “Agreed War - let one happen stop the rest!!!”. It suggests that one of these targets had to be hit, whereas the other attacks had to be thwarted.

Remember the scene of President Bush during the morning of 9/11. He was visiting a school in the town of Sarasota. He declared that he saw the first plane crash into the tower before he came in the class room. This didn’t prevent him to read the comic story. But when his attaché came to inform him that a second plane had just hit the other tower of World Trade Center, his face froze and his eyes stared into the emptiness. Something had happened. America was under attack. President Bush could not see the first plane crashing into the WTC number 1, because the only video is the one from the Naudet brothers, which was broadcasted the day after, September 12th 2001. Which kind of TV screen did he watch in the Sarasota School?

Was it a control monitor? Therein, we have the proof that President Bush lied to the American nation about the attacks foreknowledge. Obviously, it seems that he was an actor during this deadly day. But who had the means to surprise him with this second plane ? Let us imagine a probable answer: it is maybe the ones who have planned the attacks and who are holding the power in Washington and in Wall-Street.

We can also suspect the US Army staff of a coup d’Etat, sponsored by the Pentagon and the NORAD’s command who, by ignoring the radar monitoring of the planes hijacked, had participated to the most dreadful attack ever committed in the world.

5. The Anti missile shield (ABM): Terminator furtive satellite system

Annotation :

(Satellite 1 and 2) US

Delmart Vreeland spoke about this plan during an interview with Mike Ruppert.

M.Ruppert : « Why were you in Moscow at the end of 2000 ?»

D.Vreeland : “ I have been sent out over there by the US Government and the ONI. I took my orders between September, 4 and September, 7 2000. The work location was at the Canadian Embassy and about diagrams and projects around a weapon defense system. The name of this system is SSST [Stealh Sallite System Terminator]. The only part I talked in public is an element relative to some satellites already in orbit, which are not today the property of the US Government. On advice of my lawyer, I can’t tell more about the other components.”

Vreeland gave a description of American ABM system and specified that the satellites used are civilian type. If it is a civilian system, so technologies used are low power type, and it can be supposed that US Army are currently using low power devices type for the detection. Then he has also added an essential point: these satellites are “Stealth” type, that is to say furtive. How can we explain the furtiveness of a civilian satellite for which the frequency plans are inevitably public ? The furtiveness which Vreeland is speaking is not the one of the satellite, but the signal one which is emitted. The only way to protect the furtiveness of the radar signal is to turn it into a spectrum spread out technology type (used in its current form on the GPS for the localisation) and known as the Anglo Saxon term of SSMA [Spread Spectrum Multiple Acces]. This technology was also, in terms of liaison result, the only way to compensate the low power and the remoteness of the civilian geostationary satellites. The furtiveness lies to the fact that the radar signal is hidden by numerical radio signal.

All this, Vreeland, who is not a technician, could not invent it. During his captivity, he wanted to pass on a message: he had no reason to talk about the US spatial system, he talked about US ABM system in order to give weight to his assertions on 9/11. What he wanted to say is “Check what I’m saying about the ABM, and that nobody before me has never said, and you will see that I am telling the truth about 9/11”.

That gives credibility to his assertions in a global way. He couldn’t invent a technical aspect so precisely and, moreover, contrary to a widespread opinion shared by the spatial analysts. Therefore, Vreeland indeed told the truth when he mentioned CIA internal information about the preparation of the 9/11 attacks.

If all these dark detours could be explored, the Delmart Edward Joseph ‘Mike’ Vreeland’s affair could be worth the famous novel “War and Peace”.

Vreeland was a menace for the US Government credibility and its ABM system, hidden cause of 1972 Treaty. Currently, he is jailed since 2004 in a prison in Colorado, and has been sentenced in 2006 to 336 years of imprisonment for child prostitution.


With the 9/11 attacks and the NORAD failure, the USA could have unilaterally freed themselves from the 1972 ABM engagement treaty and develop the Anti-missile shield weapon. The military industrial complex had finally his war on terrorism as well as his dollars to finance the neo conservative policy through the ABM. This war weapon which had a defensive vocation is finally becoming a provocative offensive weapon to impose the american hegemony over the planet.

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